“What If We Told You, You Can Learn Japanese In 8 Weeks?”

Committed Japanese Sensei Who Deliver Their Lessons Skillfully And Help You Gain 100% Confidence In Speaking Japanese…

Do you love the Japanese culture? Do you want to finally learn the Japanese language?

Or simply love travelling to Japan but wish you could converse with the locals?

Learning a new language can seem very challenging- but it is possible, with some effort and a competent teacher.

Besides, learning Japanese can actually be affordable, if only you could find a good teacher who could teach you effectively.

Learning Japanese May Be Easy Or Extremely Difficult- Depending On Your Teacher

Mastering the Japanese language is no simple task for most people- the language is very different from English, and there is a large amount of vocabulary to be learnt.

Starting off on the wrong footing may actually cause you more harm in learning Japanese, as you may have to “un-learn” these later on.

That’s the reason why, it’s really important to select a great Japanese teacher from the start.

Where Are All The Brilliant Japanese Teachers?

Most of the professional, native-speaking Japanese teachers are either teaching privately, or on a part-time basis since it’s more flexible for their schedules.

Hence, they only teach at certain locations and have very few available classes. Nevertheless, quite a number have registered with us in our private list.

Selecting An Amazing Japanese Teacher

All our Japanese teachers have taught for at least two to three years. Many of them mastered effective teaching methods at top language institutes.

They also have attained a track record of satisfied students, a key criterion for selecting them.

How to Find Your Japanese Teacher

This is what you need to know:

1) Level of Knowledge

Are you starting out from zero knowledge, or do you have some experience or background in speaking Japanese? Every student comes from a different background so there may be different levels of language ability to assess.

2) Available Days and Times

We only schedule classes during times where most people are free– For working people, this means either weekday nights or weekends.

Complimentary: Matching Service for Japanese Language Class

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of Tokyo. You have finally made it to Japan, to a place rich in both culture and modernity….

As you marvel at the clockwork efficiency of Japanese life, and ponder about the latest Japanese fashion, you can’t help but appreciate that you made a decision some time back- The decision to learn Japanese, to immerse yourself fully in the culture that brought Manga and Anime to you …

All this is definitely possible, if you enter your name in our contact form now (on the right).

We will help you arrange for a suitable Japanese class, and even support you, after your Japanese lesson is confirmed.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in delivering 100% quality lessons to our customers. We want all our customers to enjoy learning Japanese and conduct timely spot checks, to ensure our teachers are performing well.